Check out the Booth!

Photo Booth for rent in Los Angles and Orange County
Photo Booth for rent in Los Angles and Orange County

Fun Design

If you think it looks like a vintage camera - you're right! We wanted to give a nod to that iconic image, but with a modern once-over. Why put so much work into your themes or colors and end up with a big black box? You have style and so should your photo booth!

QUALITY Photos, QUALITY Printing
It stands a little over 5' tall, so that the camera is at an optimal level for you, no matter how tall you are (or aren't). Our Nikon DSLR camera is top of the line (would you expect anything else?) and we have a professional-grade dye-sublimation printer, ensuring that you always look your best.

Instant Party Favors - and memories!
Who prints out pictures anymore, any way? Um....we do! While most photos live on harddrives, snapfish, facebook, etc... Two Wishes Photo Booth pictures will leave with your guests and end up on their fridge or in an actual, real-life picture frame!


By the time your guests suit up with props, the previous pictures are printed and we are ready for them to give us their best smiles!


We have two soft lights with us at all times, so we can work in any space and make sure that every guest is properly lit.


...and Action!
From boas to giant plastic crayons to a zebra cowboy hat, we are always stocked with props to spice up the photos and add a dash of FUN to the mix!


Customizeable Backgrounds and Footers
We come equipped with several choices of background colors. If you love, love, love your venue, we can also take down the background and let the winery, dance floor or your living room really shine! Upon request, we can make backgrounds to fit your theme or colors - the sky's the limit!


Our "booth" is Open, so that you can fit all of your lovely friends and family into the picture.