Meet April & Corey Wish

Why "Two Wishes"?
For starters, that's who we are. That is Corey's honest-to-goodness name and I definitely won the marriage lottery when I snagged it, too.

We were inspired to open Two Wishes Photo Booth as we were putting together our own wedding. We wanted to provide couples, parents, CEOs, etc with a product that was fun, personal and professional, but without hidden costs or absentee owners. Our wedding was super important to us - and we know that your party is to you, as well. We want to give you nothing less than what WE expected for our big day!

How We Met:
April: In 2006...At a Championship Kickball Game neither of us were playing in (Yes. Kickball. Adult Kickball. For nerds.) ... The benches were full, but there was one space left next to Corey, so I took a seat. Lucky him. That night, he wouldn't leave me alone at The Muddy Moose. The next day, I stalked him on MySpace (it was awhile ago, remember), so that he could give me info on post-production. (I was finishing my first feature film at the time.)
Corey: That's all true except for the fact that there were plenty of other seats for her to take on the benches. She sat next to me because she couldn't resist.
April: Lies.

Any Babies?
April: Seriously? You want to know about that already? Yeesh. Give us some time... We already have babies! Bowser and Princess Toadstool were adopted September 2010. They enjoy short walks around the block, tearing up anything we leave out, eating rocks and being really, really cute.
Corey: I love them.


Photo Booth for rent in Los Angles and Orange County